3 terrifying events no one expects after the coronavirus is over

3 terrifying events no one expects after the coronavirus is over

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the coronavirus pandemic and the horrific damage it has done to humanity. The majority of the world’s population is locked up, but social distancing will disappear at some point and we will all continue to live our normal lives. It sounds like a pretty logical sequence of events. Right? Well, there are a few things that the media isn’t highlighting right now. Below are three terrifying events that are likely to occur in most parts of the world after the peak of the pandemic is over.

3 terrifying events no one expects after the coronavirus pandemic is over

Terrifying Event 1: Crime Rates Will Increase Dramatically

With a global recession comes widespread poverty, which is likely to lead to a dramatic rise in crime rates in various parts of the world. In the United States, the coming recession is expected to push unemployment to 15%. Looking back on history, during the Great Depression, due to the unavailability of legitimate work, illegal activity was rampant in the United States. The same phenomenon occurred during the dotcom crisis.

Terrifying Event 2: Pandemics Become a New Normal

With the death toll soaring in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is highlighting the fragility of human systems. The death toll can plant a seed in the minds of bad actors by drawing attention to an effective way to eliminate people on a global scale. For example, why would terrorists think of planning a bomb that could kill thousands of people, when these evil people could destroy hundreds of thousands of human lives with a “silent killer?” The current pandemic is just the tip of an iceberg hiding under standing water.

Terrifying Event 3: Mental instability will increase

Even before the current pandemic, electronic devices brought a lot of “social distancing” into people’s lives. The increase in social media use can lead to an increase in suicide rates. With more insulation, there is likely to be a series of new problems. Mentally vulnerable people will be hit hard. Unfortunately, social isolation, leading to feelings of loneliness and fear, will increase the number of fatalities in the world. These fatalities are likely to come in the form of suicides and shootings.

3 terrifying events no one expects after the coronavirus is over

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