4Bulls Crypto Price Prediction Tool Review

4Bulls Price Forecast


4Bulls is an ecosystem based on the DAO concept (decentralized autonomous organization). The system is powered by the 4Bulls token (ticker symbol 4B). Participants in the DAO receive distributions from all fees collected from NFT strikers, liquidity providers and referrers.

4Bulls’ Crypto Price Prediction tool was developed to provide crypto investors with a sort of triage system for removing high risk/low reward coins and tokens and directing users to lower risk/higher reward assets.

How the 4Bulls Price Prediction Tool Works

At launch, the 4Bulls Price Prediction Tool presents a comprehensive list of top cryptocurrencies. A table provides sortable columns for the asset, including the current price, category, confidence, future price forecast, and a risk-reward ratio.

The list is initially sorted by “trust rating” – from highest to lowest – represented by a score (from 0 to 10). The higher the score, the lower the asset’s risk, as determined by the tool’s algorithm.

Clicking the “assets” or “trust” column header will re-sort the list to show lowest-confidence assets first. By confidence we assume they mean the confidence level of the algorithm in its own price predictions.

The list can also be sorted by current price – from low to high or from high to low.

At the time of writing, Binance Coin and Rocket Pool have the highest reliability ratings, followed by Polygon, Near Protocol, LEO Token, Loopring, Enjin, and Terra. And Crypto.com rounds out the top 10. Of course, these are expected to change as the market evolves.

By selecting one of the asset categories in the main menu, the user can only view coins and tokens in a particular asset category.

Categories on the price prediction tool include:

  • All
  • Network
  • Play to earn
  • DeFi
  • CeFi
  • Speculation
  • NFT Marketplace
  • web3

Future Price Prediction shows a broad high and a low price. And the risk-to-reward ratio is shown as a red and green progress bar-style icon – more red equals higher risk.

The Price Prediction Charts

Clicking on any of the items in the list will take the user to a nice, clean table of Details. The table shows ratings related to that asset plus an easy-to-interpret price forecast chart.

Also included are icons for various crypto tracking websites such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, where users can dive deeper into the technical details of an asset, such as price charts, performance, and other market stats.

The Details table contains:

  • Inflation (a function of the asset’s tokenomics)
  • Future dump probability (low to high)
  • Historical performance (poor to impressive)
  • Maturity (the age of the asset)
  • Useful (yes or no)
  • Team (anonymous or defined)
  • Branding Eligible (Low, Acceptable, High)

Some of these details include additional rollover information, such as very brief explanations of tokenomics, historical performance, and maturity.

The all-important price prediction chart shows a red/green bar with worst-case and best-case price scenarios at each end with the current price somewhere in between. The area above and below the current price is coded green and red respectively. If the red area is larger than the green area, then the tool presumably implies that the price will fall rather than rise in the coming year.

pAdvantages and Disadvantages of 4Bulls Price Prediction Tool

It is important to point out that the tool is only as accurate as its algorithm. If the algorithm is accurate, this tool can be very valuable for crypto traders. However, the algorithm that determines these predictions is not specified on the tool. Our assumption is that the algorithm can be modified over time to produce better and better results. If the tool is accurate, it can be quite valuable.

Without commenting on the accuracy of the tool, here are some pros and cons that caught our eye:


  • This tool is very clean and easy on the eyes. Information is easy to find.
  • The list of coins and tokens is extensive and includes all the top assets in the market.
  • Users can choose between dark and light display modes. Thanks for that.
  • A search bar allows users to quickly search for a particular asset.
  • The highest and lowest risk assets can be quickly identified at a glance.


  • There is no indication of the algorithms used to determine the price predictions, risks and confidence levels.
  • The columns cannot be sorted by risk/reward ratio, an assessment that is very important to the usability of the tool.
  • The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly price predictions are only given as a percentage of change and not as an actual price prediction. It would be nice to see both at a glance.

General impression

Overall, this seems like a promising application and another useful device in the crypto investor’s toolkit. The clean, easy-to-use interface will appeal to users of all skill levels.

The utility of the tool all comes down to the accuracy of the underlying algorithms. If the tool can help crypto investors remove high risk/low reward coins and tokens and highlight the lower risk/higher reward assets, then it can save investors quite a bit of DYR time while maximizing profits and losses are minimized.

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