Psychopaths Like To Smoke Marijuana, Scientists Say…

Medical Marijuana News: Benefits and Clapway Stupidity

Marijuana smokers are becoming increasingly difficult to spot these days. It’s not just for the long-haired pizza delivery guy/guitarist who lives in the basement. Everyone from your Uncle Mick, Dr. John and attorney Ralph is smoking these days. But what about your friendly neighborhood psychopaths? Yes, apparently even they like to smoke weed.


According to a study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the risk of developing psychosis has more than tripled for those who abuse marijuana. Does that mean you smoke more weed than most will turn you and all your friends into psychopaths? Not necessary. There are some genetic factors that influence both weed abuse and mental health problems.


Researchers from Norway and Virginia teamed up to study the relationship between marijuana and psychopaths. Apparently they used interviews of Norwegian twins for this. Previous research shows that people with mental health problems smoke more weed than most people. However, researchers are divided on whether cannabis is the sole cause of these mental problems. Therefore, they had to address both sides of the argument in this study. So researchers tested both the theories that cannabis causes psychosis and psychosis leads to smoking cannabis.

Blaming Your FAMILY PSYCHOPATHS For Smoking Marijuana

Do you have a strong love for weed? Stronger than all your friends? Well, it turns out this isn’t a coincidence. Going through your family history will show you why you love the reefer so much. Heredity accounts for as much as 88% of the reason why some people abuse marijuana. So, do some research. If you have a history of psychotic behavior in your family, it’s probably best to keep a close eye on your drug use. Both in the interest of you and society.

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